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Happy Summer Reader

"Thank you - thank you! A very fun program and I was happy to be a part of this summer reading. Look forward to next year."

Kelly L.

Mother & Daughter Summer Readers

"I wanted to say this was a fabulous program. My daughter and I did it together and she was so excited to log her reading online. She kept track on paper as well. I think winning the free book was her summer highlight. I'm not sure how often you get feedback, but I just wanted to say the Summer Reading program is great. I hope it continues. Thanks again!."

Jennifer K.

Reading is Exercise

"How exciting! I'm so glad that adults get to participate in the summer reading adventure, not just kids! I love to read, and exercise, so the pedometer will be awesome :) Thanks!"


How Scottsdale Public Library and Universal Class
Helped Me Support my Special Needs Children

"I knew I had to change careers to find a job with a schedule that allowed me ample time off to attend autism therapy with my two children. I had heard about the City of Scottsdale Public Library’s Universal Class and it’s free courses in job training skills; but, I had never tried it or even looked at the website."

"When I got a job interview at a local elementary school, I knew I had to learn about helping children with learning disabilities fast! I logged onto the Scottsdale Public Library website with my library card and I was surprised that Universal Class had over 10 different courses related to Special Education; and they were all free! Within 15 minutes, all from the comfort of my living room on my laptop; I registered for the class titled “Learning Disabilities: What You Need to Know,” and began Lesson 1. There were 11 total lessons in this course and I completed 5 lessons the first day."

"Two days later, I went to my job interview after only completing those first 5 lessons of my course on Universal Class. And the very next day, the school principal called to tell me I got the job! I completed my Universal Class course over the next 3 months, logging on about an hour just once a week. The course really helped me with my new para-educator job and the Universal Class on-line instructor was very nice and helpful when I had questions."

"Now, I have a job with benefits, near my home; and, I get off work at the same time my children get out of school. I can take them directly to speech therapy and I have summer and winter breaks off from work to do more intensive therapies with them."

"Thank you Scottsdale Public Library!"


Library Heaven


“I did feel like I died and went to “library heaven” the day I started working with the City in April 1993 when realized I was so close to the Civic Center Library – and that was even before the wonderful expansion that took place!  Unless I have a lunch date or other commitment, I find my myself going to the library for my hour of solace and escape from the busyness of my day!”

“Scottsdale citizens, and city staff too, are very lucky to have not one, but five libraries, one nicer than the other, to go to and enrich their lives!  How fortunate we are to have five beautiful libraries and such dedicated and friendly staff, especially here at the Civic Center branch…  we are definitely in "library heaven!"

“In the words of Mason Cooley ‘Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.’ “


Ann C.

Retired Librarian


“I’m from out-of-town, a retired academic librarian and former public library trustee. Here’s what I like about the Scottsdale library: the great graphics in your Calendar of Events which detail a varied slate of interesting programs; the helpful staff member at the entrance to the library (he found the book listed as “available” in the catalog placed in a special place (yeah, I know abut those special places and I’m glad he did too);, the accessible Wi-Fi, and; the colorful and spacious place for children’s activities. It’s noisy tho, so next time I’ll bring my headphones. I will let you know that it took two phone calls with extended waits for someone to answer the phone, a minor inconvenience, considering the quality of your resources and staff.”


Linda L.

A Happy Coach

A Happy Coach


“Marketing and digital media (social media) are very intimidating to me yet concepts that I cannot ignore as I launch my coaching business. My past career for over 20 years as a high school English and drama teacher required little marketing experience (Perhaps theater performances or literary magazine sales would qualify, but you get my point - I am a novice.). The manner in which you present this material has been so informative, easy to follow, applicable, and has helped me to remove many of the blocks I have had regarding the concept of marketing and social media. I have felt more comfortable and capable as a result of your programs. I cannot believe the Civic Center Library offers your expert services for free. What a gift this service and YOU are to its patrons!”

Kelly H.


Penmanship counts


“Many years ago, as a young child, I applied for my first library card. I was a bit flustered when the librarian started laughing when she looked at my application. Then, when I looked at it again, I saw that my printing had been unclear, and my first name ‘Loyd’ looked like ‘Lord.’ I’ve been very careful printing my name ever since.”


Loyd E.

A Young Reader


"I love everything at the library. I am glad we live so close to one. I LOVE the summer reading program. The librarians are SO helpful and nice. I look forward to coming again. Happy Reading!"


A Young Reader

Avid Young Reader

Avid Young Reader


“Hi, I have always enjoyed going to the Bookmobile and library back in Illinois growing up. I love that I can share that interest with my daughter, Amanda. She has grown up with Mustang Library attending the baby/toddler reading sessions with Miss Louisa and now in 2nd grade choosing her own books to check out. Amanda is now 8 and Miss Louisa recognized her last week and set her up with a backpack and her own library card.”

“The Scottsdale Public Library has had an important part in continuing Amanda’s inter est in reading. People like Miss Louisa make Mustang a favorite place to visit as well as all of your fabulous staff.”


Susan K.

Sometimes You Buy a Book for the Halibut

Sometimes You Buy a Book for the Halibut


“I was born in the late 1930’s in Seattle where my father was the Captain of a fishing boat that went north to Alaska and south to the San Francisco Area. Before I was born, my father had made a notable catch that was recorded in the World Book Encyclopedia. He and his crew caught a very large halibut which they brought down to Seattle to be stored in ice for study at the University of Washington. The picture and story became part of the explanation of “Halibut” that was printed by World Book for many years. For many years, decades really, I had the original picture, the book and a related article in the local Seattle newspaper. Over time, it saddened me to realize that I had lost track of the picture, book and article and no amount of searching my home found them. I recently decided that I should try to find an old (1940-1960) set of World Book Encyclopedias or, at least, an “H” volume.”
“But where to start such a search? eBay? Amazon? Good suggestions but, I decided to check the Scottsdale Civic Center Library. I filled out an inquiry card and wondered if I would ever get a response. To my delight, I received a call from Brandon Chapman, Supervisor of Volunteers. He had found a 1958 set of World Books in his donations inventory. We arranged to meet and I have regained what I consider to be a real family treasure. I’ll share with my children and their children. but I may keep this copy in the safe.”
“To be clear, I regained a family treasure through a community treasure…our local library. It’s wonderful to have the on-line resources we do but may we never lose the incredible resources of our libraries.”



Bob N.

Recently Published A Book

Recently Published A Book


“I recently wrote and published a Christmas book – A PERFECT CHRISTMAS. Basically, it is a book for children, but it has a message for ‘children of all ages’.”

“A good portion of my book was written in the children’s section of the Appaloosa Library. Having all the children around me was very inspirational. Also, the staff at the library provided me with much needed computer help. Thanks to all.”


David G.

Thank You


“I have been a Scottsdale resident for the last 20 years and I wish to thank the Library’s Eureka Loft for the various classes it offers.”

“The Eureka classes have also been invaluable in figuring out which web design software to use by showing how each works. I could never have learned so much so quickly and effortlessly on my own.”

“Keep doing what you’re doing you really are making Scottsdale a great place to live and thrive.”


John W.

Wonderful Volunteers


“Your fabulous and knowledgeable staff makes this enormous resource less intimidating. Even your volunteers are wonderful!!! Thank you!”


Linda E.

Appaloosa Library


“Discovering and enjoying Appaloosa library was one of the best things I found in AZ!  It is a great and nice library, with very helpful people and wonderful lot of books, videos and music to enjoy! Well done, all of you!!”


Margarita G.

Digital Books

"Scottsdale Public Library has enriched my life. Reading books on OverDrive and my magazines on Zinio. I have been extremely lucky with my one-on-one appointments with the most knowledgeable and most patient librarians."

"I do notice that Civic Center has so very many lectures, events that I wish we had as much up in north Scottsdale. But thank you so much for your assistance in so many ways."

Marsha F.

Early Reader


“As a child, I visited the main library in Scottsdale weekly if not more often. My mother encouraged my love for books and let me check out whatever I desired, I spent a lot of time in the kids area until I graduated to the older books. After looking around, we would go behind the library to the little park-like area to play. It was a peaceful area with a little creek and a bridge, It no longer exists except in my memories that include my mother which are very precious to me.”


Christina G.

The Library is a Sanctuary


“Some people go to church. I go to the library when I feel confused and lost. It’s a sanctuary of calm and quiet, filled with every answer you could hope to find and human beings who ask if they can help you. And it’s FREE! God bless the library!”


Kate F.

Family Read Aloud Night

Family Read Aloud Night


Aracely Martinez and her family enjoyed the Family Read Aloud Night at Tavan Elementary School.


Aracely M.

Story Hour

Story Hour


“Story hour is a great educational opportunity. We enjoy the activities and stories. Story hour is a valuable resource in the community.”



Family Storytime

Family Storytime


“Family Storytime provides a structured, fun environment to introduce stories, songs, instruments, and other child development opportunities for me and my family. Thank you!”


Kent and Jaclyn W.

Appaloosa Library


“I love Appaloosa Library because it has made my girls great readers!”


Meena and Rona’s mom

Hidden Gem


“The best kept secret in the neighborhood - my home away from home. Wonderful staff; always willing and able to give you the best library experience.”



Children’s Programs

Children’s Programs


“I never realized until she I had my daughter how much the library had to offer for moms and kids. I love the children’s programs!”


Penelope's mom

Culture Pass

Culture Pass


“I’m really excited to go to the Zoo!”



Appaloosa Storytimes

Appaloosa Storytimes


“My kids and I LOVE the Appaloosa Library. We attend three children classes a week. The librarians Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Lynn make a point to remember my kids names. We love the children’s area and reading books and playing with the toys before and after the children’s classes. We love the Appaloosa Library!”


Adrienne R.

Early Literacy Story


The Knowing & Growing program has been very beneficial for my family. I have learned so much about early childhood development, in addition to having fun every week. There are so many songs and books I didn’t even know existed and my son enjoys them all!

I was a scientist before becoming a mother and was wrapped up in my career; I hadn’t given much thought on the “how” I was going to work on my child’s early development. I was aware of the basics (of course), read to your child, sing, etc. but there is a wealth of information the Knowing and Growing Program provides to new and veteran parents/caregivers.

I look forward to attending the classes because it reminds (on a weekly basis) to never stop working with your child and their development. My son and I have been attending the Knowing and Growing programs for the past year, and we will continue to attend for many more years to come. It is the most rewarding feeling when you see improvements in your child’s understanding, social interactions, and overall happiness. I tell all the Moms I know to sign their kids up for the K&G classes because I believe in the benefits of program.

Thank you Scottsdale Library for providing this excellent and free resource.



Melissa and Rhett M.

Eureka Success Story


Joyce came to the library for job help after being released from her job. With a unique set of challenging circumstances, she was at a loss as what to do next. We analyzed her situation, enrolled her in unemployment benefits, then structured a plan for her to canvas retail stores that could use her special skills. Due to transportation issues, we targeted locations within 3 miles of her home. She put this plan in place and immediately gained two interviews. Her third interview last week resulted in a job offer. She starts her new job this week. This quick turnaround will keep her off unemployment and restore her income level.



Eureka Success Story


Emily came to a job lab in late January. She had not worked in close to three years. During that time, she did return to school and earn a Medical Assistant Certification, however she was unable to find suitable work in that field and unsure if this career field was right for her. Emily had been a teacher’s aide in the past and expressed an interest in returning to this type of work. She saw jobs online that she was interested in, but did not apply because she did not have a resume. Using the WinWay Resume Writing Program, we developed a functional resume that showcased her skills and experience in this field. With this resume, she began knocking on doors and applying online for teacher’s aide positions. She returned on April 9th to inform me she had been hired by a local preschool and was excited to start on Monday, April 14th.





I frequent the library weekly with my two young children. Recently when we went to children’s area, there were some Junie B. Jones books on display with corresponding CDs. I let my five year old listen to it in the car. Since then, she is averaging 2 chapter books a week (with me reading them to her). She has printed out the entire list of the series and takes great pleasure in crossing off each title as we finish reading it. She has asked me to do an author search with her so she could learn all about Barbara Park. Now when she is being uncooperative, I threaten to take her books away and she falls right back in line. Thank you to the person who set those books out on display that day. We love them!


Tamara P.

Young Reader


“The people are kind. The librarians are always willing to help me. I love coming and getting good books. I always look forward to our weekly visit.”


Eloise, age 10

Weekly Treat


“A weekly treat for our whole family! Absolutely love the staff!”



Free Books

Free Books


Library staff member: When 4 year old Damien was asked why he came to the library today to get a library card he responded:

“I came to the library because I wanted to, so I don’t have to pay [for books] with my dad!”



Michael M.

Teen Submission


Why the Library?

L – Limitless. You stand inside a library and you are limitless. Where you can go, who you can be is only limited by what you choose to pick up. You can travel to a new world, peek into the future, learn from the past—the only limit is your imagination.

I – Inspired. You stand inside a library and you are inspired. A perfect sentence, the pictures from the past that seem to never let you go, the sound you hear that inspires you look deeper into its meaning.

B – Become. You stand inside a library with the ability to become anything. Not only through stories and pictures, but more so by what you take away from them. How they affect you; how they change you. How they ask you to change the world.

R – Relaxed. You stand inside a library and you are relaxed. Nothing but peaceful silence and the whispers of authors fill your ears. You head is clear and the world of stories waits for you.

A – Abundance. You stand inside a library and you feel abundance of the world. There is so much at your fingertips: so many books to read, movies to fall in love with, television to bewitch you, pictures and resources to sustain you. All free. All for you.

R – Rewarding. You stand inside a library and you are rewarded. With words and sounds and pictures and a whole past at your fingertips. Every story ever written, every word ever said, every picture ever taken is there for you.

Y – You. You stand inside a library and you are you. There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to fall in love with, so much to get lost in, so many stories to read and so many stories to be told. You have the ability—the power to learn and grow and change. The library is only there to ask: will you?


Catrina S.

Library volunteering

Library volunteering


Working with the library throughout high school has been a fantastic experience. Not only has it been fun and life- changing, but it has led to my admission into many top colleges. I first began volunteering my Freshman year and from that point on, I have made many friends and taken part in many great programs. It was the Family Read Aloud Nights and Teen Advisory Board that really caught the attention of colleges, though. My experience with the library has been a huge part of both my college essays and job resumes. While I will be attending Oberlin College in the fall on scholarship, Pitzer College, one of the highly acclaimed Claremont Colleges, specifically cited my experience with the library as the reason I was admitted to their school. Library volunteering is a rewarding experience that will also attract the attention from amazing institutions.


Anah S.

I start my new job this week


I came to the library for job help after losing my job. With a unique set of challenging circumstances, I was at a loss as what to do next. I analyzed my situation with the Job Help Specialist, got enrolled for unemployment benefits, and then we structured a plan for to canvas retail stores that could use my skills. I put this plan in place and immediately gained two interviews. My third interview last week resulted in a job offer! I start my new job this week!



Eureka Success Story


Edgar Olivo discusses his success using the Eureka Loft at Scottsdale Public Library’s Eureka Loft. The Eureka Loft is a place for entrepreneurs, inventors, dreamers and the like to gather, learn, share and grow.


Edgar Olivo

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