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How Scottsdale Public Library and Universal Class Helped Me Support my Special Needs Children

"I knew I had to change careers to find a job with a schedule that allowed me ample time off to attend autism therapy with my two children. I had heard about the City of Scottsdale Public Library’s Universal Class and it’s free courses in job training skills; but, I had never tried it or even looked at the website."

"When I got a job interview at a local elementary school, I knew I had to learn about helping children with learning disabilities fast! I logged onto the Scottsdale Public Library website with my library card and I was surprised that Universal Class had over 10 different courses related to Special Education; and they were all free! Within 15 minutes, all from the comfort of my living room on my laptop; I registered for the class titled “Learning Disabilities: What You Need to Know,” and began Lesson 1. There were 11 total lessons in this course and I completed 5 lessons the first day."

"Two days later, I went to my job interview after only completing those first 5 lessons of my course on Universal Class. And the very next day, the school principal called to tell me I got the job! I completed my Universal Class course over the next 3 months, logging on about an hour just once a week. The course really helped me with my new para-educator job and the Universal Class on-line instructor was very nice and helpful when I had questions."

"Now, I have a job with benefits, near my home; and, I get off work at the same time my children get out of school. I can take them directly to speech therapy and I have summer and winter breaks off from work to do more intensive therapies with them."

"Thank you Scottsdale Public Library!"


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