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Library Heaven


“I did feel like I died and went to “library heaven” the day I started working with the City in April 1993 when realized I was so close to the Civic Center Library – and that was even before the wonderful expansion that took place!  Unless I have a lunch date or other commitment, I find my myself going to the library for my hour of solace and escape from the busyness of my day!”

“Scottsdale citizens, and city staff too, are very lucky to have not one, but five libraries, one nicer than the other, to go to and enrich their lives!  How fortunate we are to have five beautiful libraries and such dedicated and friendly staff, especially here at the Civic Center branch…  we are definitely in “library heaven!” smile

“In the words of Mason Cooley ‘Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.’ “


Ann C.

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