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Lending Terms

Most Wanted items are a collection of new and recent books and DVDs that are ready to check out in each of our libraries. This collection is a ready to pick up collection that is non-requestable and non-renewable.

Check Out
3 day loan DVDs 3 days
14 day loan Books 14 days
14 day loan Video Games 14 days

Our NEW items are new to the collection and have a 1 to 2 week checkout period, depending on the item. These items are able to be requested online or through one of our library staff. They are also renewable, as long as there are no pending requests from other patrons.

Check Out
New Items DVDs 1 week
New Items Books 2 weeks
New Items Books on CD 3 weeks
New Items Music CDs 3 weeks

Our regular collection has a 3 week checkout period for books, DVDs and CDs. All of these items are requestable and renewable, as long as there are no pending requests from other patrons.

Check Out
  All Items 3 weeks
  Book Clubs to Go 45 days
  Brain Boxes 3 weeks

Payment Options

You can pay online by going to My Account.

Log in to your account and click on the amount owed on your account in the left column.

Select any or all of the items and click on the
"Pay Fines Now"
button at the bottom of the page.

You can pay in-person at either Civic Center Library or Mustang Library, at the Account Services desk.

Checks made payable to:

"The City of Scottsdale" may be mailed to:

Civic Center Library
P.O. Box 1000
Scottsdale, AZ 85252

Please be sure to note your library card number on your check.

Scottsdale Public Libraries are 'Fine Free'

Below are some FAQ's, and here is a link to the Library's lending policy Library Fees CIR-4. For questions, contact the library at 480-312-7323 (READ) or online through Ask-A-Librarian.

We will hold patrons accountable by blocking a library card account when an item is not returned. Blocking an account means that the cardholder cannot borrow any other items or use digital services. Overdue materials must be returned or paid for (if lost or damaged) to unblock the account. Items are charged as lost if they are not returned 10 days after their due date.

All overdue fines accrued before July 1, 2020 are forgiven. Library patrons will still be responsible for all fees on their account for unreturned or damaged materials. Accounts with fees of $10 or more will be blocked from usage until the fees are paid or brought below $10. Fines already on accounts will begin to be purged. If fines are blocking your account, you need access to library materials, and your account has not yet been purged, you can contact the library and we will manually clear your account of fines.

Yes, it is still important to renew library materials if you want to keep them past their due date. This will prevent your card from being suspended and charged for the unreturned item and will allow other library users to see when the item is expected back. Items can be renewed up to six times if no one is waiting. Items can be renewed online by logging into your account or by calling 480-312-2434.

Library self-checkout machines allow you to print or email a due date receipt. We also send account notifications by phone, U.S. mail, email and text. If you opt for email or text notifications, you will receive a notification prior to the due date. You can change your preferences by logging into your account or by calling 480- 312-READ (7323).

Return all Scottsdale Public Library materials that you have, even if you have had it for years. The fines associated with these unreturned materials will be removed from your account and you will be free to use the library again.

Donations to the library are always appreciated and will be used to support library services and programs. Information about how to make a donation can be found on the library’s website.


Autorenewal is a courtesy service by the library system which automatically renews any items you have out that are eligible to be renewed. You do not have to log in and take any action for this to occur. You can return any library item at any time during the checkout period.

Autorenewals occur 3 days before the due date and renew the item for the next full borrowing period.

No need to sign up! This courtesy service is automatic for all eligible items.

You will be notified 3 days before the due date which of your items were automatically renewed and which items need to be returned.

If an item doesn’t renew automatically, it is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  1. There is a waitlist on the item and it needs to go to the next library patron on the list.
  2. The item type is not eligible for autorenewal such as Most Wanted items or Interlibrary Loans, which are items from other library systems outside of Scottsdale.
  3. You are over the limit in fees. Your account must be below $10 in fees to check out or renew items. If you have overdue Scottsdale Public Library items, it means you are being charged for these items. Simply return them in good condition and those charges will be dropped from your account.
  4. Your library card needs to be renewed. You can stop by inside a library branch or at a drive thru window or online with our Library Card Renewal form.

No, the autorenewal system will not auto-renew any items with a waitlist.

Most library items can be auto-renewed. Items that cannot be auto-renewed include:

  1. Items with a waitlist
  2. Item types that are marked as non-renewable such as Most Wanted items or Interlibrary Loans which are items from other library systems outside of Scottsdale.

Yes, however due to the limitations of the text format, it will simply inform you that some items were auto-renewed. You will need to log into your account for details on which items were auto-renewed and which items need to be returned.

To get the full status of your items, you can switch to email notifications. The email format allows us to provide more details than the text format. Phone call notifications and mail notifications cannot provide information on autorenewals.

No, autorenewals are automatic. However, you can return your items at any time or renew your items manually at any time. You do not need to wait for them to auto-renew.

Yes, you can renew you items manually at any time. Please be aware that your borrowing time restarts on the day you manually renew. It does not add time to your initial borrowing period.

For example, if you check out a book on January 1 with a 3-week loan period, it will be due back on Jan 21. If you manually renew it early only a few days later on Jan 3, the new due date will be Jan 24. You will not add an additional 3 weeks after the original Jan 21st due date.

If you wish to maximize your checkout time, then you should autorenew or manually renew as closely as you can to the due date.

Autorenewals renew 3 days prior to your due date and provide the next full borrowing period.

Your eligible items will renew for the regular borrowing time. When your library account expires, it will be blocked from new checkouts or new renewals until you renew your library card account in person at a branch or drive thru window or online with our Library Card Renewal form.

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