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Pony Express provides self-service access to resources for registered library patrons outside of normal business hours and locations.

Pony Express @ Appaloosa

This abbreviated library self-service allows patrons access inside the Appaloosa Library branch, without library staff present. Registered patrons can independently browse and check out items, access public computers, use free Wi-Fi, fax and printing services during specified hours.

Patrons can register for this service in person at Appaloosa Library during staffed hours. Patrons need to bring a valid photo ID. For those who do not already have a Scottsdale Public Library card, they can register for one at the same time. If you need to register for a Scottsdale Public Library card, please bring proof of Maricopa County residency if the address on your ID is not current.

Guidelines for Pony Express @ Appaloosa

  • Registered patrons can browse and check out items, access computers and copier/printer, fax and scan, use the Wi-Fi, and use the study room.
  • Meeting Rooms, Culture Passes, Interlibrary Loans, Video Games, Book Club to Go kits, Board Games, Citizen Science Kits, and programs are only available during staffed hours.
  • Holds for inside the building can be picked up during Pony Express hours, but holds at the drive-thru are not available until staff hours.
  • This service is only available to Scottsdale Public Library cardholders who are in good standing, reside in Maricopa County, and are 18 years of age or older.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 must register for self-service access before entire Appaloosa Library. Minors are permitted with a registered parent or guardian.
  • Everyone using the service signs the Pony Express User Agreement, which outlines service and behavior expectations. If users do not abide by the agreement, their access will be revoked.
  • All patrons who enter Appaloosa Library will be on camera, which is both live streamed and recorded. Gates at the exit will alert users upon exit if any items have not been checked out.

Download and fill out a User Agreement to get started!   Start here!


Pony Express @ Granite Reef
Library Hold Lockers

This express library service allows patrons to pick up library holds in lockers at Granite Reef Senior Center. To use them, patrons can place a request on a library item through the library website and choose the branch “Hold Lockers at Granite Reef” for the pickup location. When the hold is ready, library staff will place it in the locker. Patrons will get an email to pick up the hold within 7 days. This service will be available starting on July 17, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my items out of the locker?
A: Scan or input your library card number using the scanner under the screen. The locker containing your items will open so you can retrieve them. This action also simultaneously checks the items out to your account.

Q: How long do I have to pick up my items?
A: The hold time is the same as any other library hold – 7 days.

Q: Can I return my items to the Hold Lockers?
A: There is no return at the actual Hold Lockers, but there is a book drop at Granite Reef Senior Center where library materials can be returned.

Q: What if there is an issue with my card (card has expired, fees over $10, etc.)?
A: The locker system will not check the items out to your account and will not allow you to retrieve your items. You will see a message displayed to contact library staff.

Q: What if I already have 30 items checked out?
A: The locker system will not check the items out to your account and will not allow you to retrieve your items. You will see a message displayed to contact library staff.

Q: What if I put some of those 30 items in the book drop?
A: You still cannot check out from the lockers because staff need to empty the book drop and check in the items to remove them from your account and make space for more check-outs.

Q: What if my hold expires?
A: If the item is expired and staff have not had a chance to remove it yet, you will get a message that the hold is expired. If the item is expired and has already been removed from the locker, you will get a message that you do not have any items in the locker.

Q: Where can I place a hold?
A: Holds can be placed through the Scottsdale Public Library catalog. You can search for an item and place it on hold once you are logged into your account. Select “Hold Lockers at Granite Reef” for the pick-up location.

Q: How can I get more information about them?
A: You can call the Library Help Line at 480-312-READ (7323) during business hours or submit a question to through our Ask-a-Librarian form.

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