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Library Management

Michael Beck
Library Director
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Melissa Orr
Sr. Manager
Programs, Outreach & Training
  email Melissa Orr


Alicia Brillon
Sr. Manager
Collection Management & Metadata Services
  email Alicia Brillon


Jennifer Wong-Ortiz
Community Engagement & Outreach Coordinator
  email Jennifer Wong-Ortiz


Mariko Whelan, Ph.D.
Early Learning, Youth & Teen Services Coordinator
  email Mariko Whelan

Erin Krause Riley
Adult Services Coordinator
  email Erin Krause Riley

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Branch Managers

Appaloosa Library

Sky Larsen
Branch Manager
  email Sky Larsen


Arabian Library

Louisa Aikin
Branch Manager
  email Louisa Aikin


Civic Center Library

Edmund Kiang
Branch Manager
  email Edmund Kiang


Mustang Library

Medina Zick
Branch Manager
  email Medina Zick

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