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Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

The Golden Kite Awards, given annually to recognize excellence in children’s literature, grant cash prizes of $2,500 to author and illustrator winners in four categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Picture Book Text, and Picture Book Illustration. Authors and illustrators will also receive an expense-paid trip to Los Angeles to attend the award ceremony at the Golden Kite Luncheon at SCBWI’s Summer Conference in August.


The Bear and the Moon

Illustrated by Catia Chien
Published in 2020 by Chronicle Books
ISBN: 9781452171913

When the gift of a balloon floats into Bear's life, the two companions embark on a journey of discovery as small as a clearing in the forest... and as deep as the sky

2021 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Made by Hand: A Crafts Sampler

Illustrated by Becca Stadtlander
Published in 2018 by Candlewick
ISBN: 9780763674335

A beautiful, one-of-a-kind volume invites readers to marvel at the time, effort, and care that went into creating handmade toys, tools, and treasures of the past.

2019 Golden Kite Award Winner - Picture Book Illustration

Goodbye Autumn, Hellow Winter

Illustrated by Kenard Pak
Published in 2017 by Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 9781627794169

In a simple, cheerful conversation with nature, two young children witness how the season changes from autumn to winter.

2018 Golden Kite Award Winner - Picture Book Illustration

The Music in George's Head

Illustrated by Stacy Innerst
Published in 2016 by ECalkins Creek Books
ISBN: 9781629790992

George Gershwin heard music all the timeat home, at school, even on New York City’s busy streets. Classical, ragtime, blues, and jazz, George’s head was filled with a whole lot of razzmatazz! With rhythmic swirls of words and pictures, author Suzanne Slade and illustrator Stacy Innerst beautifully reveal just how brilliantly Gershwin combined various kinds of music to create his masterpiece,Rhapsody in Blue, a surprising and whirlwind composition of notes, sounds, and one long wail of a clarinet. Includes author’s note, timeline, and bibliography.

2017 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the spirit of New Orleans

Illustrated by Phil Bildner & John Parra
Published in 2015 by Chronicle Books
ISBN: 9781452125787

A man known as the "Trashcan Wizard" sings and dances his way through the French Quarter in New Orleans, keeping his beloved city clean, until Hurricane Katrina's devastation nearly causes him to lose his spirit

2016 Golden Kite Award Winner - Picture Book Illustration

The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet
Published in 2014 by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780802853851

The story of "shy young Peter Mark Roget, [for whom] books were the best companions--and it wasn't long before Peter began writing his own book. But he didn't write stories; he wrote lists. Peter took his love for words and turned it to organizing ideas and finding exactly the right word to express just what he thought. His lists grew and grew, eventually turning into one of the most important reference books of all time.

2015 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Illustrated by Peter Brown
Published in 2014 by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN: 9780316200639

Bored with city life and the proper behavior it requires, Mr. Tiger has a wild idea that leads him to discover his true nature.

2014 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Lester's Dreadful Sweaters

Illustrated by K.G. Campbell
Published in 2012 by Kids Can Press
ISBN: 9781554537709

When Lester's mysterious cousin Clara comes to stay with his family she insists on knitting him ugly sweaters and Lester must figure out how to accept the unwanted gifts without hurting his cousin's feelings.

2013 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Balloons Over Broadway

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet
Published in 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
ISBN: 9780547199450

Melissa Sweet’s imaginative use of art and illustration in Balloons over Broadway makes it the winner of this year’s Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Illustration. Using handmade toys and puppets, watercolor illustrations, and collages made from old books, found objects and fabrics, Caldecott Honoree Sweet’s charming images are fluently united to help tell the story of Tony Sarg, the original puppeteer of the Macy’s Day Parade.

2012 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

A Pocketful of Posies

Illustrated by Salley Mavor
Published in 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
ISBN: 9780618737406

This hand-picked collection of classic nursery rhymes, all delicately and painstakingly illustrated by Salley Mavor, who is reknown for her incredibly detailed fabric and cloth scenes. It took Mavor ten years to develop her own fabric relief technique to a level where she felt comfortable even considering illustrating a book. Now, Mavor embroiders and sews illustrations, each scene taking nearly a month to complete.

2011 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration


Illustrated by Pat Mora
Published in 2009 by Lee & Low Books
ISBN: 9781600602580

A young multiracial boy celebrates family, friendship, and fun by telling about some of the everyday things for which he is thankful.

2010 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Last NightLast Night

Illustrated by Hyewon Yum
Published in 2008 by Farrar Straus Giroux
ISBN: 9780374343583

A little girl doesn't like her dinner and is sent to her room. She seeks comfort from her friend Bear and falls asleep. So begins a fantastic dream voyage deep into the forest, where the girl and her friend dance and play all night. And in the morning, mother and child make up. With brilliant linocut illustrations and not a single word to break the spell, this picture book marks an impressive American debut for Hyewon Yum.

2009 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Little Night

Illustrated by Yuyi Morales
Published in 2007 by Roaring Brook Press
ISBN: 9781596430884

As the long day comes to an end, Mother Sky fills a tub with falling stars and calls, "Bath time for Little Night!" Little Night answers from afar, "Can't come. I am hiding and you have to find me, Mama. Find me now!" Where could Little Night be? Down a rabbit hole? In a blueberry field? Among the stripes of bees? Exquisitely painted and as gentle as Little Night's dress crocheted from clouds, this is a story to treasure.

2008 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Not Afraid of Dogs

Illustrated by Susanna Pitzer
Published in 2006 by Walker & Company
ISBN: 9780802780676

Daniel isn't afraid of spiders. He isn't afraid of snakes. He isn't even afraid of thunderstorms. And no matter what his sister says, he's certainly not afraid of dogs -- he just doesn't like them. But there's no avoiding them when he comes home and his mother is babysitting his aunt's dog.

2007 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Baby Bear’s Chairs

Illustrated by Jane Yolen
Published in 2005 by Gulliver Books
ISBN: 9780152051143

In this sweet, bedtime story, Baby Bear discovers that Papa's lap is the best chair of all! Baby Bear is the littlest bear in his family, and sometimes that's not so easy. Mama and Papa Bear get to stay up late in their great big chairs.

2006 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Mysterious Collection of Dr. David Harleyson

Illustrated by Jean Cassels
Published in 2004 by Walker & Company
ISBN: 9780802789167

Beloved children’s characters come to life through a puzzle in paintings. The eccentric traveler and world-renowned painter, Dr. David Harleyson, has disappeared, and it is up to his young nephew to find him! By unraveling the clues on the backs of Dr. David’s most recent paintings, his nephew is able to piece together his uncle’s incredible around-the-world journey.

2005 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

I Dream of Trains

Illustrated by Angela Johnson
Published in 2003 by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
ISBN: 9780689826092

A two-time Coretta Scott King Award-winner and an acclaimed illustrator join forces for this heartbreaking yet uplifting picture book about a boy, his love of trains, and his hero, Casey Jones.

2004 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

Mrs. Biddlebox

Illustrated by Linda Smith
Published in 2002 by HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780060286903

Mrs. Biddlebox is having a "really" bad day. The birds are screeching, her belly is grumbling, and even her crumpets are stale.

2003 Golden Kite Award - Picture Book Illustration

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