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Books for Fun With Letters

A to Z

by Sandra Boynton
ISBN: 9780671493172

Using fun animal characters, Boynton introduces the alphabet to young children in this board book.


by Bernard Most
ISBN: 9780152020071

T-Rex expresses his love for the alphabet as he eats his way through the letters in various settings.

ABC, I Like Me!

by Nancy L. Carlson
ISBN: 9780670874583

From the author of / Like Mel comes a book about a group of animal friends who encourage themselves and each other by using words from each letter of the alphabet.


by Suse MacDonald
ISBN: 9780027615203

A creative look at the alphabet where an A can become an Ark or a C becomes the smile of a Clown.

Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types

by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss
ISBN: 9781934706787

Using different fonts and typefaces this amazing book features animals created from letters.

Alphabet Rescue

by Audrey Wood
ISBN: 9780439853163

Bright and bold pictures illustrate the story of the little letters of the alphabet and their big adventure.

Alphabet Under Construction

by Denise Fleming
ISBN: 9780805068481

A mouse starts up the big construction project of building the alphabet and uses all sorts of fun methods like airbrushing, buttoning, and carving until all the letters are done.

Animal Antics: A to Z

by Anita Lobel
ISBN: 9780060518158

This richly illustrated book explores a circus theme, with each page featuring an animal name and an adjective (adoring alligators, charming camels).

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault
ISBN: 9781416990918

Fun rhyming book ifl vvhioh the whole alphabet family decides to climb up a coconut tree.

Creature ABC

by Andrew Zuckerman
ISBN: 9780811869782

Zuckerman uses his gorgeous animal photography to introduce the alphabet.

Curious George Learns the Alphabet

by H.A. Rey
ISBN: 9780395137185

The Man With the Yellow Hat shows Curious George how to read the letters of the alphabet.

Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables From A to Z

by Lois Ehlert
ISBN: 9780152244354

Readers are introduced to fruits and vegetables in this bright, bold alphabet book.

Into the A, B, Sea: An Ocean Alphabet Book

by Deborah Lee Rose
ISBN: 9780439096966

This beautiful book of collages captures curiosities of the sea and using a rhyming text, introduces various sea creatures in alphabetical order.

Kipper's A to Z: An Alphabet Adventure

by Mick Inkpen
ISBN: 9780152054410

Playful puppy Kipper and his pig friend, Arnold, go on an adventure to collect items from every letter of the alphabet.

Old Black Fly

by Jim Aylesworth
ISBN: 9780805014013

An old black fly gets into all sorts of trouble while encountering things in alphabetical order, causing a fuss until he meets his fate in the hands of a fly swatter.

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