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Meeting Room FAQ

  How Do I Rent a Meeting Room?

  1. Submit a Meeting Room Rental Request Form online.
  2. Consider which Scottsdale Library location will work best for your event.
  3. List your preferred date along with 1 or 2 optional dates. Your preferred date may not be available.

  Is there a fee to reserve a meeting room?

Yes, we do charge an hourly rate for our meeting rooms. An Administration Fee of $10 is also added to each reservation permit. Multiple dates can be included on the same permit. The hourly rate depends on many factors, including:

  1. The size of the meeting room.
  2. The type of event being held in the meeting room.
  3. Whether or not you will be collecting money, charging admission, selling items, or collecting donations at this event.
  4. Whether or not the person making the reservation is a Scottsdale resident.
  5. We do not offer discounts to 501C organizations.

  How far in advance may I book my room?

Meeting rooms may be reserved up to six months in advance.

The Facility Booking Office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and closed on weekends and government holidays.
Please contact the Facility Booking Office at least four days in advance to make your reservation.

  Is there a limit on how many times I can reserve?

Groups are limited to twelve meetings at the same location within a six-month period.

  When do I pay for the room rental?

Payment in full is due at the time of reservation. The City of Scottsdale accepts all major credit cards. A personal or company check is also an acceptable form of payment.

  Do you have A/V equipment available for rental?

All library meeting rooms are equipped with A/V Projection equipment. The use of the A/V equipment in some library meeting rooms may require an additional fee. If renting our equipment, we do suggest you test your laptop with our equipment for compatibility.

  Do you allow food and drinks in your facilities?

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in our meeting rooms provided you bring the items in yourself and clean up afterward. Should an outside vendor or caterer be brought onto the property the vendor will need to provide an insurance certificate. Please ask the room reservationist for details.

  Is there anything that you do not allow in the facilities?

We do not allow open flames (candles, incense) or alcohol in our facilities.

  Can I put up signs advertising my event in the library?

Signs, fliers or brochures cannot be posted or displayed in public areas of the library for purposes of advertising prior to or during the rental. No signs shall be posted in the meeting areas using anything that will injure, mar, or in any manner deface the premises. Any items posted in the meeting area must be removed at the end of the meeting.

  Will you advertise my event in your calendar?

Our calendar of events, website, and newsletter are used to promote library sponsored events only. We do not advertise room rental events in our materials.

  Am I permitted to collect money my event?

If you wish to sell items, collect fees, donations or tithes on city property, you must be registered with the City Tax & License Department.
For information, call 480-312-2400

  Will I be allowed early access to my room for set up time?

Meeting rooms are reserved by multiple groups throughout the day. Early entrance into the meeting room is not permitted. If your event requires set-up and tear-down time, it must be included into your rental time. A request for early access will result in additional fees.

  Can you store my equipment for me overnight?

The library cannot store or hold equipment, supplies or other items for room rental customers prior to or between reservations. Any equipment or supplies that are sent to the library will not be accepted.

  What is your cancellation policy?

A 30 days advance notice from the date of the event is required to receive a refund. The $10.00 Administration Fee is non-refundable.

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