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The Eureka Loft Scottsdale is a collaborative environment in Civic Center Library. Scottsdale Public Library hosts a variety of programs in the Eureka Loft Scottsdale.

The Eureka Loft Scottsdale is free and open to the public. The area is equipped with free Wi-Fi, business networking space, a computer meeting station and access to library resources.


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To be successful in any city, companies need the most comprehensive and accurate data available to plan their businesses. Scottsdale is pleased to offer you complimentary use of ‘Size Up’ one of the most effective business tools currently available in the country. Here’s what ‘Size Up’ can do:

Benchmark Your Business

Know exactly where you stand in comparison to local and regional peers in such areas as the salaries, revenues, turnover and healthcare costs.

Map Your Competition

Map where your competitors, customers and suppliers are located. Isolate areas with many potential customers but little competition.

Find the Best Places to Advertise

Choose from pre-set reports to find areas with the highest industry revenue, most underserved markets or create a custom demographic report.

SCORE Mentoring

SCORE Mentoring

SCORE appointments held in the Eureka Loft every Tuesday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Appointments are also available at the Mustang Branch, Thursdays 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Please call 602-745-7250 for an appointment.

  SCORE Mentoring



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Stay informed about upcoming events in the Eureka Loft.

Meet, network and share ideas with other entrepreneurs.


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The Scottsdale Public Library has partnered with Arizona State University to create a collaborative workspace to Civic Center Library. As part of the partnership with Arizona State University, the Scottsdale Public Library will host a variety of programs in the Eureka Loft.

For more videos, visit our Small Business YouTube Channel.

Small Business YouTube Channel


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Urban Libraries Council

Urban Libraries Council

Urban Libraries Council Award for Workforce and Economic Development

The Eureka Loft was awarded honors for innovation in workforce and economic development from the urban Libraries Council. A panel of expert judges selected Scottsdale’s Public Library from nearly 300 submissions in 10 categories that demonstrate the value and impact of public library service.

  Download the press release here

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