Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

ILL is a service allowing library items or a photocopy to be made available from one library system to another.


  • This service is available to any Scottsdale Library card holder.
  • Books published within the last 12 months are not eligible.
  • Each card holder may have up to 6 active requests.
  • Please note that it may take from three to eight weeks to receive your item. Microfilm viewers only available at Civic Center Library.
  • If the Scottsdale Public Library already owns a copy of an item, then it is not eligible for request. To make a request for these items, please fill out a request form (you will need to login to your account first).
  • There is no charge for this service. Some libraries, however, do charge fees ranging from $5 to $20. These costs are passed on to the borrower.

Suggest an item for purchase

Tell us what we should buy! By clicking the link below, you will be directed to login to your account, and you will then be taken to our “Suggest an Item for Purchase” form. We will do our best to get your item on our shelves!

Suggest an Item for Purchase »

  Due to a change in library technology, we will temporarily no longer be able to accept purchase suggestions after April 30th, 2014.

At this time there is no ETA on when this service will be resumed, however we will update this webpage as soon as more information is available.

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